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ravilievna: More magical adventures for Merlin

gweneiriol: father and son

New Communities
gydchallenge: Challenge community

slash_dragon: A Young Warlock's Guide to the Tender Language of Flora
brightedelweiss: book reccomendations
hils: Daily Merlin Support

realdetective: Wallpaper! - (Arthur/Morgana)
loweryourwand: Merlin Comics - Welcome to Camelot
scolaro: Merlin Macro Advent Calendar, Door 12: Royally pissed
i_lovetherain: Aftermath - (Merlin/Arthur) [R]
_stolendreams_: 51 Icons and 9 Headers
sophielou21: 120 Icons and 30 Headers
lenyia: Wallpapers and Header

missyvortexdv: 24 Promo Pics Icons
darknyss: 31 Icons
sheryllx: Icon Mood Theme
partofthequeue2: 25 Icons for 1x12
rh_ismyworld: 24 Icons
absolutelybatty: 45 Icons
_stolendreams_: 51 Icons and 9 Headers
sophielou21: 120 Icons and 30 Headers

leandergasped: Bradley Screencaps

wistful_fever: Make *U* Smile - (Colin/Bradley)
bendtothesun: et tu pendragon
idk_ok: Road to Ruin - Arthur/Merlin retrospective - (Merlin/Arthur)

Fanfic Gen
rainchild: What Comes - [G]
Just a short scene between Merlin and Morgana, with vague Arthur/Merlin undertones. ~ 543 words

Fanfic Het
paperclipbitch: Sometimes I Forget Iâ™m Still Awake - (Arthur/Gwen) [PG]
"My promise still stands," Arthur adds. ~ 4,000 words

Fanfic Slash
lastling: The Dress Still Hangs In Her Cupboard - (Morgana/Gwen) [PG]
She doesn't want to get married, not really. ~ 100 words
omg_rly: bled dry - (Merlin/Arthur) [U]
poetic fallacy. lots of it. ~ 552 words
sugaration: Midwinter - (Merlin/Arthur) [G]
You can't fight winter, after all, no matter how valiantly Camelot tried. ~ 1,509 words
skellerbvvt: Favorite - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
Merlin had, horror of horrors, never gotten drunk a day in his life which was rather a crime, and Arthur, as the Prince, was duty-bound to eliminate crime. ~ 2,385 words
lickingbeads: Haven & Prison - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
Arthur likes to take his time. Merlin groans his protests. ~ 1,196 words
thestorymaker: Bathed In Moonlight - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
Written for a requests at the kink meme: Merlin wearing Arthur's coat. Being chivalrly offered in a moment of great cold, or wearing it and nothing else? :D after a night of lovey-dovey 'cause it's the first piece of clothing found ~ 1,319 words
slashweaver: Experience - (Merlin/Arthur) (Arthur/Uther) [NC17]
Uther has continued his illicit sexual arrangement with Arthur, who continues to yearn for Merlin. ~ 5,392 words
phantomjam: Ownership - (Merlin/Arthur) [R]
It's Arthur's birthday, but he's not the only one getting presents. ~ 1,638 words
syllic: Three Tasks 1/2 - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Arthur is the Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes. He (and his trusty companion, the golden-dragon-tasselled hat) alone can determine who is fit to woo royal servants and other assorted courtiers in Uther's court. ~ 7,771 words
graspthethorn: Goosebumps - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
"Arthur?" he heard against his chest, the warlock's eyes half-open, his expression one of absolute bewilderment. ~ 3,362 words
zooeyrye: Mistake 1/? - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Merlin does a spell that goes wrong and turns him into a girl. Gaius is the only one who knows about it and Arthur seems to like 'Merry'. How long can Merlin lie to his friend? ~ 1,924 words
wrennette: Betrayal - (Merlin/Arthur) (Merlin/Will) (Merlin/Lancelot) [NC17]
Arthur does not take it well when he discovers Merlin's magic. Future fic. Dark!Arthur. ~ 3,799 words
ramtops_witch: Hands - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
Merlin was quite possibly the only person in Camelot to get thrown in the Stocks for groping the Crown Prince in Public ~ 833 words
frantic_allonsy: Be Resigned 3/? - (Merlin/Arthur) [G]
If you keep having things for straight men who are also in charge of you, you will die alone, eaten by someone else's cats, he thought. ~ 4,239 words
lou_angel: Waking Up - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Missing parts from the final scenes of The Labyrinth of Gedref. ~ 1,446 words
matan4il: As a Thread of Scarlet - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
We already had less time than we thought we did. ~ 2,553 words
angelikitten: Untitled - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG]
"And a partridge in a pear tree!" ~ 100 words
feathergirl89: Marriage Is What You Make It - (Merlin/Arthur) [NC17]
High School AU. They say happiness in marriage is purely chance - that it can occur, if you're married to someone good. But what happens when your marriage is the result of a school project and you didn't get a say in choosing your spouse? ~ 3395 words
twinfl0wer: Cold - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Only thing Merlin wanted was that Arthur felt warm. ~ 381 words
wrennette: A little bit Romeo and Juliet - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG]
A little drabble set within 1x11 and based on the end of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. ~ 131 words
toastedcrumpet: A very personal question - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Arthur has a very pressing and personal question he wants to ask Merlin: "Are you a virgin?" which Merlin answers and leads to much fluff. ~ 596 words
crazydelicious: Funny - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG]
It was like the whole world was devoid of moisture ~ 579 words
sadera992: The twelve days of Christmas - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG]
A mixture of very short fics for the days and with random little opinions of mine and little back-stories. ~ 969 words
ebonystar: The Twelve Gifts of Camelot AKA: Watch What You Say in the Presence of Dragons - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG15]
Who knew what a throw away comment could lead to? ~ 6,165 words
bruceybabe: Mulish Behaviour and Woolly Thinking - (Merlin/Arthur) [R]
Accidental magic. Merlin is an ass and Arthur is.. well, you'll see. ~ 1,388 words
ms_king: Changes - (Merlin/Arthur) [R]
Itâ™s completely legitimate that after the whole â˜sacrificingâ™ thing â“ that Merlin will really just not leave alone â“ that heâ™d become more aware of his servant. ~ 1,467 words
xaritomene: Magic, Marriage and Mayhem 6/? - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG13]
Uther warns Arthur about his dalliance with his servant, and reminds him that Camelot will need an heir. ~ 1,369 words
justthismorning: Precious - (Merlin/Arthur) [G]
Uther isn't blind. He sees a lot more than he would ever admit. ~ 248 words
kageygirl: New Light - (Merlin/Arthur) [PG]
In which confronting a monster in the forest may not be the riskiest venture of the day. ~ 1,200 words

Fanfic RPF
marn_barn: Are You There, Angel? It's Me, Colin - (Colin/Bradley) [PG13]
Colin is a big gay homo, Angel is helpful, and Bradley is a dumbass. ~ 1,200 words

You can reach us at merlinnews@googlemail.com or just leave us a comment.



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